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Convert 3X more “passive” candidates to applicants, with the world’s first, Automated Talent Sourcing Platform.

Talenya’s Talent AI™ taps into a database of 1.5 billion profiles, to find and engage with the most qualified and diverse candidates for your roles, and to turn them into applicants, effortlessly. Try Automated Talent Sourcing today.

How To Use AI Technology To Improve Talent Sourcing
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Recruitment Reimagined

Talenya’s solution does not require you to learn a new tool. It uses AI to supplement your manual sourcing efforts, so your  talent acquisition team can spend less time sourcing and more time interviewing.

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What Our Customers Say

Talenya makes us much more efficient, and drives results quickly.

There is no other platform out there that will enable you to find the type of diversity per function the way that Talenya does.

The great thing about Talenya is that it reaches out to candidates while we're busy working on something else

Diversity AI™ boosts diverse candidates in your pipeline By 2X-10X

Talenya’s Diversity AI™ uses algorithms to level the playing field for diverse candidates.  Patented technologies are used to make the search more equitable for women and minorities. Talenya’s Diversity AI™ levels the playing field for diverse talent without the need to give them any preferential treatment. It boosts their participation in the pipeline and gives them a better chance to be considered. Companies use Talenya to create a pipeline of diverse applicants.

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Engagement AI™ increases the number of interviews with qualified candidates – effortlessly

Talenya’s Engagement AI™ takes candidate engagement to a new level of efficiency and effectiveness. It finds and automatically engages with hundreds of candidates for every role. It optimizes message text and sequence to a science. It knows who to reach, when to reach them and how to attract them to apply to your open roles. When they indicate an interest, they are forwarded to you, for follow up. The result: 3X-5X more qualified interviews without taxing your recruiters’ time.

Set and track diversity KPIs

Bring more transparency and accountability to your hiring process. With Talenya’s Diversity Dashboard you can set diversity hiring KPIs, and track them for jobs, recruiters, and for your company, as well as identifying potential bottlenecks.

Improve employee retention

Improve employee retention by tracking specific KPIs of your workforce, comparing them to your industry and main competitors

A fully automated talent sourcing process

Let Talenya’s Talent AI do the heavy lifting for you. Sourcing AI will take a job description from your ATS and create a search around it. Diversity AI will focus your search on your preferred diversity categories. Finally, Engagement AI will contact hundreds of qualified and diverse candidates and invite them to apply for your jobs. If they indicate an interest, they will be pushed into your ATS for follow up.

Focus your recruiters’ time on what they do best – qualifying candidates and facilitating the hiring process. Let AI do the rest for you.

Talenya's proccess

Diversity talent insights and intelligence

Talenya’s Diversity AI™ predicts and presents qualified candidates who are ready to make a move, so you can hire them before anyone else can. Get rich, comprehensive data and insights into your talent pool and equip yourself with the information you need to guide a hiring manager’s expectations. Every job search includes a multi-level breakdown of your talent pool with diversity at the forefront. Talenya’s diversity benchmark report allows you to track your own workforce diversity KPIs, compared to your 3 top competitors.

You’re in good company

"Talenya helps cut down time on sourcing qualified candidates for your role. you essentially spend the time telling it what you need and it will automatically message candidates on your behalf".

Lindsey Epstein – Technical Talent Acquisition Partner at Nielsen

What our customers say
"Talenya's technology is truly a game changer. CEOs, senior leaders, hiring managers, and recruiters need to rethink the way they view talent and where they look for talent. Talent is equally distributed, but opportunity is not"

Tamika Curry Smith, Former Global D&I at Nike, Inc., President, at The TCS Group Inc.
What our customers say
Within a few months, we have improved candidate representation of Female, Black/African American and Veterans in our hiring pipeline

Suzan Morno-Wade, EVP and Chief Human Resources Officer at Xerox
What our customers say
"Talenya's platform is an impactful way to develop diverse sourcing practices. It's intentional, measurable, sustainable and results are immediate"

Michele Shelton, International DEI Speaker, Consultant, and Author
What our customers say
I love Talenya’s AI software. It's easy to use and helps me find candidates I can’t find anywhere

Perry Moshe, Talent Acquisition Team Lead at Amdocs

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