Recruiter’s Best Friend
AI-powered Bots find and engage with hidden talent for you, so you can hire 3.6X faster

Super Charge Your Talent Acquisition Team With The Most Advanced Recruiting Technology
Finding hidden talent
Our bots will create the search for you, refine it based on your feedback and collect real-time data from millions of data points to curate a list of the best talent for every open role. 
Doubling your talent reach
We use algorithms to identify talent that other tools cannot. We can also predict which candidates are more likely to be interested in a new job, so you can speak with them before someone else does
Automating talent engagement
Our bots are able to quickly engage with potential candidates, by using sophisticated, multi-channel campaigns to generate a pipeline of high-quality interviews.
It's easy to get started
Speak with a Product Expert
Meet our Product Expert to understand how you can benefit from Talenya. You will learn how AI and ML technologies revolutionize talent acquisition for the world's best companies.  
Experience the Difference
You’ll see how we use technology to identify and engage with the type of talent, most recruiters can't and how our unique methods slash time-to-hire. 
Choose a Plan
Talenya offers flexible plans for Bot licensing, depending on your hiring volume and needs 
We work with leading innovators to place top talent