Talenya uses technology to help companies fill roles they are unable to fill themselves... 3.6X faster than traditional methods
We know where your next hires work,
and how to reach them
Finding hidden talent
We use technology to collect data from millions of data points and use it to zoom in on the best talent for you
Reaching "hot" talent first
We use advanced algorithms to identify the candidates that are likely to be interested in a new job and reach them before someone else does
Qualifying for the best job match
We use a network of domain experts to interview and qualify talent for your jobs, so you can spend your time only on top prospects
We work with leading innovators to place top talent
Become a Talent Expert at Talenya and double your income
Working with Talenya is rewarding and flexible. You'll just need your industry specific experience and our training to become a Talenya Talent Expert. Earn a significant income by qualifying and submitting talent to jobs, work when you want, and earn as much as you need.
Meet our Community of Talent Experts