Helping Companies Find Talent No One Else Can
Revolutionary technologies & methods used to find & reach talent for hard-to-fill jobs
Get 3-5 perfectly qualified and interested candidates for every role, in less than 10 days - try it for free
Finding hidden talent
We use technology to collect real-time data from millions of data points and zoom in on the best talent for every open role
Uncovering "ready to move" talent
We use advanced algorithms to identify the candidates that are likely to be interested in a new job, so you can speak with them before someone else does
Attracting the best talent
We will curate a targeted list of qualified and interested candidates for each job. Our domain experts will contact these candidates for you, or you can choose to contact them yourself
It's easy to get started
Speak with a Product Expert
Meet our Product Expert to understand how you can benefit from Talenya. If you send us one of your jobs, we will show you actual candidates for your job and present a tailor-made search plan, based on real market data.
Experience The Difference
You’ll see how we use data and algorithms to identify and engage with the type of talent, most recruiters can't.
Choose a Plan
Talenya offers two plans: "Do-It-Yourself" - we will curate a list of highly qualified candidates for you to contact. "Full-Service Headhunting" - we will contact, qualify and present to you 3-5 ideal and interested candidates, in under 10 days.
Talenya's unique platform quickly finds qualified passive talent that other tools cannot, and their proactive domain experts are able to convert them to interested candidates at a rapid pace. Talenya is making a big difference for our company
Bill S. Burns Director of Talent Acquisition and Employee Relations, Teradyne Inc.
Talenya enabled Remedy to quickly identify top talent that we would not have found anywhere else and bring them to us. We are very pleased with their speed and blended AI/human elements.
Jennifer HillCOO Remedy Analytics
We work with leading innovators to place top talent