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Turn your recruiters into superstars

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Tap into diverse and qualified talent that is missed by other tools.

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Increase the speed and volume of candidate responses with your automated Engagement Bot.

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Other tools

Recruiters hate seeing great talent go to waste

You’re missing tons of talent! Talent AI collects and curates fresh data from over 70 online sources and a database of 800 million resumes. It uses algorithms to build a rich list of qualified and prioritized profiles for every job.

Talent accessible to everyone


Hidden talent accessible only
by Talenya


Increase candidate engagement and response

Talenya’s engagement bot optimizes and automates candidate engagement using a sequence of messages over LinkedIn and email.

Find candidates who are currently working at your company

Talent AI allows you to find qualified candidates who are company’s current employees, so you can speak with them prior to looking for external talent

Increase diversity

Talent AI eliminates human bias by blurring pictures and names of candidates in the candidate selection process. It also recommends changes to job requirements that will yield greater participation of women and minorities.

Talent Intelligence

Get rich data insights to talent pool realities and make educated hiring decisions. Talent AI will also show you which qualified candidates are ready to make a career change so you can reach them first.

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Talenya helped us find hidden talent that we could not find with other tools. It represents the next generation in talent sourcing solutions

Einav Lavi

Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) at Qualitest

Talenya helps us save time and effort, plus bring the best talent to our organization

Valorie Kimbrell

Sr. Manager, Talent Acquisition at Wright Medical

Don’t take our word for it, compare us with the rest

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