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BizWomen Journal Discusses Women’s Participation In Fortune 500

Women have greater representation at Fortune 500 companies in these industries reports Caitlin Mullen, Bizwomen contributor.

Just over one-third of employees at Fortune 500 companies are women, with greater representation in healthcare and human resources sectors than in telecommunications or technology.

Those are some of the findings from Talenya’s Fortune 500 Diversity Report, which examined data on the diversity of Fortune 500 employees from the first quarter of 2021.

Women account for 37% of total employees in managerial roles at Fortune 500 organizations, compared to men’s 63%, according to the talent sourcing software firm’s report.

At companies in the healthcare and HR sectors, women make up about half of employees — and have the highest percentage of women in managerial roles — while oil and energy, automotive and semiconductors were the industries with the lowest percentage of women.

Women make up less than one-third of employees at Fortune 500 companies in the telecommunications and technology and services industries. Notably, however, women’s churn risk — the likelihood workers will leave their companies in the next year — is lowest in telecommunications.

Overall, Talenya found no major difference in churn risk between women and men, with 11% for both genders. The report also noted women showed slightly greater rates of internal mobility within the same company than men.

Consumer goods had the largest percentage of mobility for women at Fortune 500 companies, per HR Dive, followed by electrical and electronic manufacturing and chemicals. The industries with the lowest rates of internal mobility for women? Management consulting, construction and airlines and aviation services.

Median tenure for both women and men at Fortune 500 companies clocked in at eight years, according to Talenya. Healthcare is the industry with the highest median tenure for both.

At the leadership and board level of Fortune 500 companies, 2020 marked a new record for women: On the 66th Fortune 500 list, 37 of the companies have women CEOs. Women made up 42% of total appointments to boards of public companies.

In its recent ranking of best companies for women to advance, gave top marks to Adobe, Airbnb, Best Buy, The Clorox Company, Deutsche Bank, Nasdaq, PagerDuty, PepsiCo and the Ralph Lauren Corporation, among others.

Companies were recognized for having benefits, policies and programs that benefit women’s advancement at work, including remote work options, flexible hours and equal paid family leave for women and men.

When it comes to racial and ethnic diversity, Talenya found white workers make up 60% of Fortune 500 employees; about 20% are Asian, 10% are Black and 10% are Hispanic. The industries with the greatest share of Black employees: retail, logistics and supply chain and airlines and aviation services.

Among racial or ethnic groups, there were no major differences in internal mobility within Fortune 500 organizations. In managerial roles, white workers were slightly overrepresented while Asian employees were underrepresented. Black and Hispanic employees were fairly represented when it came to managerial roles, per Talenya.

To get further data regarding the best and worst performing companies and industries for Women and Black/African American employees, see Talenya’s Fortune 500 Diversity Report here.

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