How I Saved $100,000 On Recruiting Fees

We have made a point at Talenya of eating our own dog food. As a talent sourcing technology company, we always use our own AI software to find and hire new employees. Since our focus is on diverse talent sourcing, we obviously ensure that every search we do gives women and minorities a fair chance to be considered for our open roles.

Our research has shown that diverse talent tends to show lower on recruiters’ search results. There are many reasons for this, and you can read about some of them in the research. The good news is that Talenya has developed tools that can offset many structural deficiencies in the way diverse talent is sourced and level the playing field for them.

However, when it came to hiring a Global Head of Sales, I was a bit hesitant about using our platform. Not because it could not deliver quality results for such a senior role (we have used it successfully in the past for similar roles) but because I was not sure, as a CEO, I would have the time to screen all the candidates, check their references, interview them, and it would simply take me too much time and lengthen the process.

I therefore approached a reputable recruitment agency and asked them for a proposal. When I received the proposal, I was shocked. They asked for a retainer fee of $100K. There was no way that I was going to pay that fee. I decided to perform the search by myself, using our platform.

Let me describe to you what it means to source talent using an AI-powered platform: You upload a job description; you get a list of candidates prioritized by their match score. Then you thumb up and down the candidates on the list and the AI software refines the search for you, based on your ratings – looking for more people like the ones you thumbed up and less like the ones you thumbed down.  You do not have to enter a single keyword like you would on LinkedIn.

But there’s more. We wanted to give the diverse talent a fair chance to be considered in this search. This is where our software really shines. Our algorithms evaluate thousands of search variations and come up with recommendations for small changes in the search that results in the highest percentage of candidates from a specific diversity category, among the top 100 candidates. For example, if we are looking for a VP Sales, the AI may discover that many women call themselves “Head of Sales” or “Chief Revenue Officer”. It will then recommend that you should add such job titles to the search. Click, and the recommended changes are made. As a result, more women will appear among the search’s top 100 candidates. Other recommendations may include expanding years of experience, education, industries and more.

I clicked on “Diversity AI” which optimized my search for diversity and gave diverse talent a fair chance to be considered.

I then thumbed up and down about 40 candidate profiles to refine my search results. 20 candidates were thumbed up. A click on a button, and the software reached out to my 20 candidates and invited them to speak with me. Within 3 days I had 6 scheduled interviews. The quick results were even surprising to me. In a week I was able to shorten the list to 2 top candidates. Then I agonized over the question of which candidate to pick. Both were amazing.

I finally settled on Trina Hymes. She just joined Talenya as Global Head of Sales. She is a seasoned sales leader with tons of sales management experience in both SaaS and AI – our domains. We have great hopes for Trina.

Gal Almog

Co-Founder & CEO of Talenya

Talenya is an AI-powered diverse talent sourcing solution, powering talent acquisition teams to uncover and engage with 3X more diverse talent than any other tool.

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