5 Top Tips To Increasing Women’s Chances Of Being Considered For Jobs

50% of employees at Talenya are women. 3 out of 7 members of our senior management team are women. As a company that has developed a technology for increasing the participation of women and minorities in the workforce, we practice what we preach.

It’s not that we needed to give women preferential treatment. We just give them an equal opportunity to be considered in the recruitment pipeline.

Our research found that women tend to post 12% less skills on their profiles than white men. As a result, women tend to come lower on recruiters’ search results. Talenya’s product addresses this structural deficiency and helps companies put women (and minorities) on an equal footing.

It is International Women’s Day (March 8th), and hence, an opportunity to give women a few tips on how to increase their chances of being considered for open jobs:

  1. Look at several job postings that you would regard as relevant to you and analyze the gap between their requirements and the skills you posted on your LinkedIn profile.
  2. Add to your profile missing skills that you have, even if they seem minor.
  3. Describe your career history in full, using as many details as possible. Women tend to write 34% less text on their profiles and that could hurt their chances.
  4. Make sure you add a recent photo. LinkedIn reports that profiles with a photo receive 21 times more profile views and 36 times more messages. 
  5. Finally, be assertive. You have the talent; you have the capabilities. More women in influential positions should be a key interest of employers.

Talenya is an AI-powered diverse talent sourcing solution, powering talent acquisition teams to uncover and engage with 3X more diverse talent than any other tool.

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