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Modern Recruiting: Building a Hiring Plan That Includes AI Sourcing

Sometime in the last 15 years, the hiring tables turned. Once, job seekers were the ones applying for dozens of interviews only to make a few. Today, it’s the businesses who are scrambling for talent in the short labor market following the retirement of Boomers and then the pandemic’s hit to the workforce. Today, finding a great candidate takes more than just opening your doors and tasking a few recruiters. Employers are seeking to touch base with dozens – perhaps hundreds – of candidates for each wave of hiring, a process that can take weeks of meticulous search-refining and message outreach. In an era of software and automation, it’s surprising just how labor-intensive hiring and recruiting can be. 

This is exactly why it’s time to consider a hiring plan that includes AI sourcing & engagement. You can take the single most labor-intensive step out of the hiring process by sourcing dozens to hundreds of potential candidates at a time, automating outreach, and refining your process based on who is responsive. 

Why Recruiting is So Intensive 

Recruiting today is not what it used to be. With a half-dozen leading recruitment platforms and LinkedIn professionals to choose from, actually finding people with the right skills and reaching out about an interview is a tedious human-driven process.  

From the dozens of invitations to interview you send out, only a few will come back, and even fewer will become true pipelined candidates—despite the hours put in to finding them. Your time is valuable and would be more productively spent on every stage except the keyword searching, profile checking, and message sending routine in the middle. Writing compelling job description or refining your interview and hiring process are a better use of your refined skill and intuition. 

What is AI Sourcing & Engagement in Recruitment? 

In 2022, artificial intelligence and machine learning are quickly becoming the most efficient way to complete tasks that don’t need a human touch. In recruitment, AI like the one Talenya offers can run hundreds of granular searches to find and optimize the best talent for your job description. A recruiter can even quickly calibrate their AI to find candidates that match their specific preferences.  

AI can then run engagement campaigns (also optimized) to find candidates who are interested in interviewing. It does this by sending out messages to hundreds of qualified candidates across several platforms, including passive candidates who are likely to leave their current jobs. When someone is interested in interviewing, they will be pushed right back to the recruiter’s ATS.    

Integrated Human and AI Recruitment Searches 

AI does a great job with grunt work, but it may never be able to assess soft skills, while humans work best with the right data for each decision. This makes the AI + Human recruitment strategy a winning duo.  

When administering a candidate search, AI can find and reach out to candidates much more rapidly than a human—but it can’t tell who is the exact right candidate for a job. Thanks to the calibration process, the human user can indicate which skills, experiences, and qualities are most important to them and the AI will use that information to return several interested who are actually relevant. For example, Talenya’s recent Sprint update prompts recruiters to indicate exactly why they would or wouldn’t reach out to a candidate. 

This way, human intuition is combined with machine learning and efficiency to create a quick and painless search and engagement campaign.  

In building a hiring plan, taking into account human and machine strengths should help you decide how to delegate tasks and where to focus your energies. Being able to take the long, tedious search-and-engagement step off your list of tasks also allows you to plan in more detail your interviews and screenings (for example), focusing your human strengths where they’ll be best put to use. 

Achieving Diversity with Automated Recruiting 

Besides saving time, , AI sourcing can also boost diversity in your pipeline.  One unfortunate biproduct of being a human is that we all have internalized biases which can affect how we view candidates—without us even realizing. An AI can help you drill down to the details of a resume that matter most, removing hiring patterns that follow anything but the skills and abilities valued for each role. 

For example, Talenya’s Diversity AI™ creates a pipeline of highly qualified and diverse applicants to meet diversity hiring goals without creating a spotlight on any one demographic. The program hones the resume you see to balance language use and intuit where minority candidates typically have under-sold themselves.  This can help you get over the inherent hiring biases of the industry (eg favoring the confidence) and find truly amazing diverse talent who don’t self-promote as aggressively. Knowing where to infer skills and tweak requirements without sacrificing anything is a strength of technology, and another important element of any plan to meet diversity KPIs. 

So ultimately, how do you integrate AI sourcing into your recruiting plan?  One way to think of it is to consider the AI as a helpful virtual sourcing assistant who never sleeps or gets frustrated running keywords and who can analyze several thousand resumes per day for your hiring criteria. 

Ready to take the tedium out of the center of your hiring process with AI automation? So are we! Contact us today to make Talenya part of your hiring team. 

Talenya developed the world’s first, fully automated talent sourcing solution. Talenya’s AI-powered platform enables talent acquisition teams around the world to uncover 3X more qualified and diverse talent and to engage with them in a fully automated way, doubling the number of interviews, at a fraction of the cost and time it takes manual tools.

To learn more about Talenya’s AI™ click here.


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