Diversity optimizer

Eliminate bias and increase diversity in a whole new way

All great talent deserves to shine. Talenya’s industry-leading AI diversity solution levels the playing field for all talent by increasing the participation of diverse, high quality talent.

Increase the percentage of diverse talent in your candidate pipeline

Talenya’s revolutionary “recommendation engine” recommends specific changes to job requirements that are likely to increase diverse talent participation. In seconds, Talenya’s AI creates many slightly altered versions of your current job requirements, landing on the version that creates the most diverse and inclusive pipeline for your role.

Increase your talent pool by 3X and reach more diverse talent

AI enables sourcing from multiple sources and delivers exponentially more talent. As a result, you get access to more diverse talent. AI and ML also help in expanding and diversifying the talent pool by uncovering talent that Boolean search misses.

Put all candidates on equal footing

Talenya’s unique “derived skills” algorithm eliminates bias created from searching for keywords that candidates may not include in their profiles. This has been shown to increase the inclusion of women and minorities in the talent pool.

A unique process that eliminates bias

In order to eliminate bias, Talenya created a unique process that eliminates a way to identify candidates by gender or ethnicity. As talent is reviewed, photos and names are removed, focusing recruiters solely on candidate merits.

Track and report on diversity improvements

Talenya enables you to track and report on the improvements that were obtained from using its diversity optimization tool. A real-time report shows the increase in the percentage of diverse talent in your pipeline, across all jobs and recruiters.

Talenya’s AI algorithms validated by reputable universities

Talenya solicited top AI researchers from reputable universities to evaluate its algorithms and validate that they are non-discriminative by gender and ethnicity. Enter your e-mail to receive this report and find out why Talenya’s algorithms are not only non-discriminative but in fact, improve diversity in the hiring process.

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