Engagement AI

Increase candidate engagement and response

Talenya’s AI Engagement will optimize campaigns, source around the clock, and if you like, it can also contact candidates.

candidate engagement
candidate engagement

Full contact details for every candidate

Talenya has integrated dozens of sources for contact information. Each candidate profile comes with at least one contact detail and many profiles have a LinkedIn profile link, private e-mail and telephone number.

Full contact details
automated engagement bot

Save hours of manual work with an automated engagement AI

Talenya’s automated engagement bot allows you to save hours of work by assigning the bot to automatically contact candidates on your behalf. Engagement is performed via both e-mail and LinkedIn messages (including LinkedIn InMail). The messages are sent from your Talenya account’s manager.

Optimized engagement campaigns

Talenya uses AI to optimize your engagement campaign including message personalization and timing. Additionally, it will send a sequence of messages in order to maximize response. Sending messages via both e-mail and LinkedIn is likely to increase your response rate to 20%-40%. E-mail alone is likely to get you a response rate of merely 3%-5%.

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Control your message content

Talenya is sensitive to your brand and will enable you to control and modify the messages that will be sent from Talenya on your behalf. The LinkedIn messages come from a Talenya employee account and are similar to what a 3rd-party agency would send. Our experience shows that sending a message from both the company and a 3rd party is likely to increase the overall response.


Track message response

Talenya’s messages include a link to a public page that contains your job description and an option for the candidate to consent to an interview with you. Candidate response is automatically indicated on the candidate profile within the Talenya platform. Applicant profiles are automatically uploaded into your ATS.

Track message
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Pre-qualify candidates automatically, and save hours

Your engagement AI can not only contact candidates on your behalf, but also pre-qualify them for you. The bot can present 1-2 “knockout questions” to interested candidates and forward only the qualified ones to you.

Let your engagement AI chase candidates for you - 24/7

No need to keep chasing candidates. Your Talenya bot can chase them for you. When you have jobs with hundreds of potential candidates, Talenya’s automated engagement bot can be an amazing time saver. For jobs with a limited talent pool, the engagement bot can alert you as soon as new candidates become available.

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Automated Bot engagement helps GDPR compliance

According to GDPR (in the EU), the disclosure of a candidate’s personal information requires a candidate’s consent. Your engagement bot can contact candidates and ask for their consent. It will disclose their personal information to you, as soon as consent is received.


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