How To Use AI Technology To Improve Talent Sourcing

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Learn about how AI technology can boost your hiring pipeline with more qualified and diverse talent, in days.

Learn about how AI technology can boost your hiring pipeline with more qualified and diverse talent, in days.

What’s in the GUIDE?

Learn how to use AI to:

  1. Go beyond LinkedIn in your talent search
  2. Find candidates traditional tools are missing
  3. Replace antiquated keyword search with AI-powered search
  4. Boost diverse talent in your pipeline by as much as 10X
  5. Optimize candidate engagement with 3X more interviews
  6. Improve talent retention

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Haven’t met Talenya before?

Talenya developed the world’s most advanced talent sourcing platform. It enables recruiters to uncover 3X more “passive” talent than any other solution, to engage with them and to turn them into applicants, in a completely automated way.

Talenya’s Talent AI™ collects fresh data from hundreds of sources to build rich, updated talent profiles (1.3 billion). It uses AI and Machine Learning technologies to eliminate old-school keyword search and intelligently prioritize talent by their quality and propensity to change jobs. It leverages algorithms to run automated and optimized candidate engagement campaigns.

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Talenya is Now Paycor Smart Sourcing

Following our acquisition by Paycor, a leading provider of human capital management software, our AI-powered recruiting technology has been renamed as Paycor Smart Sourcing. Be sure to check out our updated website!

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