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Talenya’s Talent AI™ is based on a unique combination of data and behavioral sciences to create a recruitment experience never seen before

Talent AI
Talent AI

How Talenya's Talent AI™ is revolutionizing sourcing

Talent sourcing has not changed much in many years. Recruitment may be the last industry standing to use manual work methods, in which people sit at their computers, enter keywords, and sift through hundreds of profiles. Those days are now over!

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are new technologies that empower professionals in many areas, including recruitment. Talenya’s Talent AI™ is a unique technology that encompasses several key features that no other company is offering. Talenya’s Talent AI™ enables recruiters to overcome 3 challenges that have been limiting them for years.

The 3 challenges that recruiters have to overcome

Data Dispersed
Boolean search
Data Wisdom

Talenya’s Talent AI™

is based on a unique combination of data and behavioral sciences to create an unprecedented and empowering experience for recruiters.

Challenge 1

Talent data is dispersed, partial and outdated

Finding and curating talent data from multiple sources is a big deal, but here’s how Talenya’s Talent AI™ solves this in seconds:

Talenya's Talent AI™ is able to “know” that the person on site A is the same person on site B. It combines and unifies their data.

Through collaborative filtering techniques, AI algorithms predict which skills are missing from a candidate’s profile and add them. The more skills they have, the higher the probability of a match.

AI determines skill proficiency levels based on information such as peer ratings, reviews, publications and projects.

Only fresh, up-to-date data is used. Fresh data is critical because recent changes people make in their career profiles decide their fit or availability for a job.

Talenya's Talent AI™ continuously curates and updates talent data, injecting newly suited talent into recruiting pipelines.

For the first time,

recruiters can combine Human Intelligence with Artificial Intelligence to accomplish their hiring goals

Boolean search

Challenge 2

Boolean search is limited and ineffective

Boolean search allows you to find people with the right keywords on their profiles, but that doesn’t necessarily make them the right talent. The profiles missing keywords or combinations of keywords entered in a search will unfortunately be excluded in search results. Talenya’s Talent AI™ allows you to go beyond Boolean search and uses a completely new process to create the ideal list of candidates for every job.

Talenya's Talent AI™ “understands” your job description, within its context. It understands which skills are important and which are just “nice to have”.

Talenya's Talent AI™ will look for the right talent, regardless of their job titles because it understands that there can be many job titles for qualified candidates.

Talenya's Talent AI™ allows you to train its algorithms so that it can find the type of talent you are looking for and exclude irrelevant candidates.

Talenya's Talent AI™ will build the ideal “persona” of your targeted candidate and will look for “lookalikes.”

Talenya's Talent AI™ prioritizes candidates by both their match score and their “likely to move” score, so you can reach the best candidates first.

Challenge 3

Manual sourcing provides limited visibility to data wisdom

Talenya’s Talent AI takes your sourcing beyond what is visible to the naked eye to provide critical insights to help optimize your search. “Big Data” is analyzed, crunched, and then wrapped into precision talent pools,  data intelligence reports, performance reporting suites, and more.

data wisdom

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