See 3X more talent than you would see with other tools

Tap into diverse and qualified talent that is missed by other tools.

3X more talent
3X more talent

Win the competition for talent with the #1 Talent Sourcing Tool

Why compromise on tools that are likely to miss 66% of the talent pool? Talenya’s AI-powered sourcing tools will allow you to discover talent that no other tool can. Talenya’s AI tools can also “predict” missing skills and add them to candidate profiles, so they are not missed.

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#1 Talent Sourcing Tool
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Forget keyword search and slash 50% of your sourcing time

By using AI-powered search instead of Boolean search, you can not only create new job searches in minutes, but also gain instant access to a perfectly matched list of candidates that you can contact immediately.

Talenya has invented a totally new process that is based on job description text analysis and recruiter feedback on profiles, as a way to create laser-focused searches that reflect your specific preferences and priorities. There’s no need to enter a single keyword. AI and machine learning algorithms will do the work for you. They will prioritize candidates and let you focus on what you do best – qualifying candidates.

Talent AI prioritizes your candidate hit list

Talent AI uses sophisticated algorithms to prioritize your Target List by giving each candidate a match score, and by analyzing 100’s of data points to cleverly predict a candidate’s likelihood to make a career move. 

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Talent AI sources talent for you 24/7

If you use manual search tools, you are forced to conduct multiple searches in order to find new, relevant candidates. Not anymore. Talenya’s Auto Sourcing feature will enable you to keep sourcing running 24/7, continuously looking for new talent that may be added to your list because of a profile change or change in a candidate’s propensity to move to a new job.

Optimize your search according to market realities

You want to hire the best candidates. However, in cases where your job requirements will result in very few candidates due to the current market realities, Talent AI will recommend ways of optimizing your talent pool – with a click of a button.

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AI Learning

Talent AI continuously learns from your feedback and improves

Unique machine learning technologies were invented in order to build the world’s most sophisticated searches. The search algorithms are improved every time you give feedback on candidate profiles. The search is gradually refined to reflect the type of “persona” that you are looking for, using hundreds of data points. Talenya’s multi-dimensional search algorithms reflect recruiters’ preferences, priorities and talent pool realities. It’s like the “Tinder” of recruitment.

Reach candidates at the point where they are ready to make a career move

AI algorithms will prioritize your candidate list according to their match score as well as “likely to move” score. Highly qualified candidates will speak with you moments before they start their job search. Talenya’s algorithms use over 40 different parameters to gage likelihood to move signals, such as social network activities, a candidate’s career patterns and a company’s hiring patterns.

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Double your interview pipeline

With 3X more qualified candidates to evaluate, AI translates your expanded pool into more qualified interviews. All candidates have contact details so you can contact them immediately or assign the Talenya Engagement Bot to contact them for you.

Eliminate misalignment with the Hiring Manager

Use Talenya’s platform to prevent misalignment between your Talent Acquisition team and Hiring Managers. Talenya’s platform enables Hiring Managers to participate in the search calibration, providing feedback on profile examples and ensuring complete alignment among all stakeholders, thereby saving time, improving efficiencies and eliminating frustration.

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Complete ATS integration

Talenya is fully integrated with major Applicant Tracking Systems. Your candidate target list can be automatically uploaded to your ATS as well as profiles of candidates who agree to interview with you.


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